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With Cloud Technology becoming cost-efficient and scalable, FoodZaps pioneered and developed "Do-It-Yourself" Android restaurant management and Point of Sale Platform, allows devices to stay connected even with an unstable internet connection.

We solve restaurant’s biggest problem, whether they can manage cost and sell meals at a profit. When a critical ingredient runs low, restaurants can’t sell the most popular meal, so we keep them from running out of ingredients. Traditionally, they must count the number every day and put them into a computer. But nobody wants to do that, inaccurate and time-consuming. We see orders coming and going, we know how many eggs it takes to make an omelette!

Where our competitors focus on running the front of the restaurant, we help manage the whole restaurant and chains! FoodZaps runs on such a robust protocol which works with or without internet, and no localised server! Our Fail-Safe Hybrid technology filed in Singapore, Europe and USA, allows the operation to run even without the internet for up to 6 days!

Did I not mention, we can track Omni-channels of sales from in-store, delivery, SMS, website and push the orders to the kitchen. Even orders from customer's own mobile!

With track record, we improved productivity, faster queues and leave you with happy customers! Customised reports to shopping malls can also be done.

We have successfully built and deployed FoodZaps to 30% of the setup cost for F&B owners. Scalable and Disruptive with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Mobile Ordering + POS + Smart Data Analytics + AI

------ Global ------
Saas + DIY Support
From $9.90 to $89.90 per month (USD)

------ Singapore ------
Enterprise + Setup Support
In Singapore HQ, we are pre-approved by the Govt for $5K Grant.

------ For You ------
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